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London, the way to photography!

Sunny Hill London

Alright, I just started my first blog page, so I thought I'd share some work from when I was in London few years back

Although I had started photography in my garage with a point and shoot camera and very little knowledge about photography back in 2005, it was not until I traveled to London in 2007 where I had the chance to enter a competition called Picture This that I set my mind pursue photography professionally.

London has a big part of my heart! Not just because while there I stumbled upon the photography competition where I registered while not owning a camera. But because two of my siblings reside there, where often I would go to visit. In 2007 while in a visit in London I received a phone call informing me that I had made it past the first round of selection for a photographer, the competition that my sister had talked me into it and applied for me. 

After getting a camera, a Canon of witch little did I know the settings of, I managed to make my way up the to the top 8 photographers. Although I did not go any further I walked out of there with disbelieve of how far I managed to get against other photographers with many, many years of experience.  

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Years later I returned back to London where I had the chance to take these pictures. Many of these photos are taken with a tilt and shift, a lens that i was introduced by David Christenson and Vincent Laforet, two amazing photographers  who's work truly inspire me.