Edona & Genc Wedding - Shkodër, Albania

Being a big fan of different cultural weddings, and traveling I was very happy to hear from Edona, the bride who lives in Milazzo, Italy and her fiancee who lives in London, England about their wedding in Shkoder city of Albania. It just happened to be at the perfect time as I had planned a trip to that part of Europe. Shkodra, one of the oldest and most historic cities in Albania lays in between Albanian Alps and the Adriatic Sea, and with Lake of Skadar in the west of the city, it makes for a great location to have a wedding.

With a local tradition of having two receptions, one hosted by the bride's family and the other by the groom's family, I was destined to have a blast covering their special milestone. As I was invited to be part of the wedding, I was told that between the two receptions I would have a whole day to spend with the bride and groom, where at that time we would do our Portrait Photo Session. So here is a very small selection of their wedding, 


Edona & Genc Wedding Day 3 -27.jpg
Besides having artists perform live music from the start of day to echo the joy of the celebration, another tradition is the ride of the groom and his family with a long convoy of cars to go at the Brides family and officially ask for her hand. Genc the groom decided to do so in a convoy of all Porscha’s
Edona & Genc Wedding Day 2 -31.jpg
Edona & Genc Wedding Day 2 -42.jpg
Edona & Genc Wedding Day 3 -433.jpg