A day with you; Zake Prelvukaj

A female persona exposed as the devil and on the other hand a crucified social angel, Zake masterfully depicts the woman through her work, a human being with capability to inflict pain but also provide and or receive pleasure. While exploring her fascination with female sex, Zake Prelvukaj, a highly accomplished artist based in Kosovo often described as a “veteran” and pioneer on feminist art in the Balkans comes through her paintings as a rebellious character, her colors and patterns are often a loud-clear voice of the fight against the corruption and human injustice.
— Nora Weller - http://nwgallery.com/artist/zake-prelvukaj/

I had the privilege to spend the day with Zake as I witnessed her on the element creating masterful artwork. Here are few photographs or our day together. 

Zake Prelvukaj-7.jpg
Zake Prelvukaj-13.jpg
Zake Prelvukaj-17.jpg