Pastel Geometry - Architeqt Salon and Gallery

Architeqt Salon & Gallery is one of the leading hair studios in Philadelphia, also home to many of my editorial creative projects. I have been blessed to have such an amazing large team of creatives in two locations in the City, Architeqt and Architeqt North. For our latest project Sequoya, a master in coloring created the pastel geometric colors on Caila. After Alexey's cut and makeup by Crystal, we decided to create three looks, "Everyday Fluffy Waves", the "Beach Look", and the "Night Punk". 


The Everyday Fluff

Architeqt Caili shoot _005.jpg
Architeqt Caili shoot _007.jpg

For the Summer Look, with flat hair on Caila, I decided to take the model outdoors, to create the golden hour on a rainy day, I placed an orange gelled light behind the rustic door. With another dish light placed to my left, I went to find the perfect angle to have just the right amount of spill from the back light, to create the creamy golden hour. 

Architeqt Caili shoot _009.jpg
Architeqt Caili shoot _010.jpg
Architeqt Caili shoot _011.jpg

The Night Punk 


For this look, I had an idea for quite some times. Inspired by Apple's Iphone promotion: same color on the color theme, I wanted to place Caila against the same colored background as the color of her hair. Being that purple was the main color, the only way to create this background was to use a permanent purple marker and paint the white gel. 

Architeqt Caili shoot _014.jpg