5 Tips Before Choosing The Right Music For Your Wedding


 Erin & Kevin

Just about with anything else with your wedding, the budget will be a big one when deciding what to get for your music at your wedding. If you are a music lover and are open to giving music a large portion of your wedding budget, a music band may be your go-to choice. Bands are usually more costly than a DJ. However, a well reputable DJ, with charisma and experience, may do just as well, especially if you are looking for a budget wise balanced choice.


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While your budget will determine to some degree what you get. You do not have to feel limited. There are great options available within a budget line but you do want to do some research. There are two good websites to check before you decide on anything. www.gigmasters.com has a very user-friendly, easy to follow search engine where you can personalize your search with pricing, location, music genre, etc. The other must check out website is www.theknot.com. In here, under section local vendors, besides music (DJ's or bands), you can also find florists, photographers, videographers, that live in close proximity to you. Besides that, this website offers help with guest list, checklists, personalized timelines, etc. You will find that allotting some time to research will result in a more thoughtful and less stressful overall experience.  


 Erin & Kevin

If you have a themed wedding party, you may wish to go with a band whose music will complement that theme, as bands usually have a somewhat fixed repertoire and a style that they feel more comfortable playing.

However, if you wish to have a larger repertoire, a DJ could be you best bet. This since any song you may wish to be played at your wedding can be found by most DJs in a matter of seconds or few minutes, and DJs in this sense may cover and personalize your wedding a lot more than a band. A band, no matter how great, will never have a bigger repertoire than a DJ.

Nevertheless, maybe the most important rule to keep in mind, regardless of whether you are choosing a band or a DJ, is the variety in your repertoire. So, regardless of your choice, it is important that you discuss with your DJ or BAND what music to play when, i.e. during reception/cocktail hour, dinner, at your dance, with the cake, etc., so that you are both clear on the expectations. You would never want a silence reception time, or a loud music during dining for example. Beauty is in the details!


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Bands and DJs usually offer a fixed amount of hours to play at your wedding and that’s usually 4-5 hours, and they may offer additional hours upon your request. So, it is very important to discuss the length of time you wish to have music in your wedding and most importantly to have some written agreement beforehand on the agreed points. You do not want surprises on your big date!


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Another talk you need to have with either band or DJ is what they are bringing. If it’s a band you went for, you want to know how many members will there be, what instruments they are bringing with them, if they always play together and how often they play at weddings. All these will influence how neatly your wedding will be. If it’s a DJ, again you need to know what they are bringing, i.e. do they own all equipment or do they need to rent something; have they played at or do they know the venue your wedding is going to take place; how early in advance they need to set everything up, etc. Some professional DJs use lighting and/or other special effects like fog to amplify the mood, which will in turn also affect your wedding photos, so be sure to ask about that as well.  Making a list of questions to ask your potential client will provide useful to ensure your special day is a memorable one!

What do you think? Did we miss any of the essential tips? Do you prefer a Band or a DJ? What is your favorite part of the music in your reception? Let us know in the comment section below.