5 Reasons Why You Should Get Engagement Photos!

Engagement Session at City Hall in Philadelphia

You are probably on the process of booking your photographer for the wedding and are thinking of whether you should opt for an engagement session. Many wedding photographers now include a free engagement session with the collections that they offer, some have the option to add it on to your collection. Regardless of how each photographer offers engagement session, we will go in-depth about why you should get an engagement session.

Bond with your Wedding Photographer!

When getting married one of the people you will be around the most is your wedding photographer, not your soon to be hubby or parents, or bridal party, but your wedding photographer. From the moment the photographer starts the day, he/she will be near you the entire day, more so than your fiance whom you get to see later on a “first look” or at the altar. With that in mind you want to feel super comfortable with your photographer, and what better way to do that than getting to spend time with him or her on an engagement session.

Explore your personality!

Every professional wedding photographer is capable of creating beautiful photographs and directing you to killer poses and ideas. If a photographer is not capable of doing so, that is simply because they are not professional! But what differences an astonishing photographer from a great one is the ability to get to know you and capture your personality. You might really be into candid moments, and you love going for a hike, or you are into arcade games! Whatever the case, you want to book a photographer that can understand you and has the ability to capture your personality, so when loved ones see the pictures they can say “yep that’s them”

Washington Square Park Engagement session in Philadelphia

Practice Makes Perfection

Another great reason for getting an engagement session is the fact that you get to practice in front of the camera! With everyone having a camera on their phones nowadays, it is becoming the norm for people to be more comfortable in front of the camera, but yet having to pose for a person you have just met at times will feel more awkward than we like to admit. Having the engagement session will help with that! I can count so many times when engagement session would start in an awkward note, and then by the end of the session the couple would feel so relaxed and in their element being in front of the camera.

South Philly Engagement Session by Pats & Ginos

You get to see what works for you!

While you will end the engagement session with some amazing photographs to cherish for life, you will also get an idea of what the product looks like and what to expect on the wedding day. You have booked the photographer based on the work you have seen them publish, now with the engagement session you have the chance to enjoy some of those incredible images for you and your partner, FOR LIFE!

Night Engagement session with neon lights

Use the photos on the wedding day!

Another great reason why you should enjoy yourself an engagement session is the fact that you get to use the images for wedding related ideas. One can be that you can use the images for save the date invitations, or maybe you are creating a wedding website with all the information online and adding some beautiful images to go along with it would really make the website beautiful. Or you can use the images to create a signing book for your guest. A great way to have a piece of your friends and family in the form of a guest book, that you can always go back to and cherish.

Engagement Album by Morina Photography

So these are just some reasons why you should get an engagement session. I would love to know which one of these gets you the most excited about the engagement session. Let me know your thoughts on the comment section below.

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