5 Tips for a great first look on your wedding day!

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One of the most interesting things that have been happening the past year or so in the wedding industry is the number of couples opting for a first look before their ceremony! For those who don’t know what a first look is a moment a few hours before the ceremony where the bride and groom see each other for the first time on the wedding day. This is usually done with your wedding photographer ideally in a private setting. So with many brides now doing a first look, here are 5 great tips for an astonishing first look.

Go Private!

Number one rule for doing a first look is, you want to do it privately! That means no friends, no family, no bridal party. Just you and your fiancee in beautiful scenery seeing each other for the first time on the wedding day. This enables you to truly enjoy the presence of each other and not be distracted by family and friends. You are so excited to be marrying that you want to share all the little details of the day with your fiance before the ceremony. Being private gives you that.

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Have your photographer keep the distance!

That is right! More than often I have seen photographers get in the face of the bride and groom while they are doing the first look. Make sure you let your photographer know that he/she needs to keep the distance. Many professional photographers know this already but I have seen this more than I would like to admit, cases where the photographer uses a wide lens and is all in the close proximity of the couple and therefore killing the private romantic vibe the couple is trying to have. Many photographers have zoom lenses and are capable of photographing from the distance!

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Pace yourself!

While you are super excited to see your hubby and you just want to run toward him and see his reaction seeing his dream lady in a wedding gown, you want to pace yourself. Take it all in and slowly walk towards him. This will build suspense and enhance the experience just as much and also give your photographer some room to photograph different angles and capture more versions of your first look. In doing so you allow yourself to take in all the little moments and as well as have some great photos captured in the process.

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Enjoy some time together!

Make sure you leave enough time for the first look when scheduling the timeline for your wedding day. You want to spend a bit of time with your fiance before the ceremony and the party starts. In many cases, I have seen that the first look is the only time of the day where the bride and groom are spending alone time on their wedding day. With all the loved ones attending your big celebration, those few 10-15 mins alone are just a great addition to the wedding day.

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Great Location!

Now you are set on doing a first look and you have decided to have it done intimately with no friends and family around. It is time together with your photographer to brainstorm ideas for a good location for the first look. Ideally, you want to aim for an outdoor setting, preferably away from the hotel so you are not bothered by hotel guests. Often couples opt to do the first look around the place where they want their portraits taken. If your wedding is all happening in one place than often venues have great options to go and take pictures.

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First look is a great took to utilize on your wedding day. By doing a first look you are freeing time on your wedding day to enjoy more with friends and family. With a few tweaks, you can have an epic experience on your first look. And if you still haven’t decided on a first look yet, here are the 5 Reasons why you should have a First Look