A day with you; Eliza Hoxha

A 2000's spark of Dancing with the Rhythm, Eliza Hoxha a household name in Kosovo not just as the singer who's Album sold out on their launching day, but an architect and professor, an activist of women's right. A person so down to earth that every women would like to mirror. On this trip to Europe I started my project "A day with You" with Eliza Hoxha. Her being an Artist of all trades, an architect by profession I decided to do our photoshoot in the City's public pool located in Germia National Park. Being that it was fall the drained pool with few water puddles and the icy blue color made it look like a place in Antarctica.

Eliza Hoxha -4.jpg
Eliza Hoxha -16.jpg
Eliza Hoxha -20.jpg