April & Ardian Wedding - Orlando, Florida

Ardian & April Post 398.jpg

I think every photographer would agree when I say that traveling for photography is the best perk of being a photographer. Getting the chance to see new places, meet amazing people just adds to our creativity. Such was the case of April & Ardi's wedding. On top of having the chance to spend the weekend in Orlando, and visiting Disney, this was a reunion weekend of Ardi and I. Our friendship goes way back to the very first day in high school, where we meet and our friendship took off! Yes Ardi is also from Prishtina, the capital city of Kosovo where we both are originally from.

As we were enjoying our time together, over few drinks going down the memory lane Ardi brought back the memory of the very first days of my journey as a photographer. Many that don't know, my first time behind the camera with the intention of becoming a photographer started on my parents garage as I improvised it into a studio. As things were moving fast, couple of weeks later I rented a friends storefront for a studio and Ardi and his brother Niti were the first models I took pictures of.  Now some 12 years later I got the chance to do the same, this time in a different spectrum, that of capturing the love of April & Ardi.

As we were getting ready for their special day, I got the chance to meet the amazing April and her family and friends. Being that this was the first wedding where I attended as a guest and as a photographer I was going back and forth on balancing both. While Ardi would say leave the camera and enjoy yourself, I couldn't help it but go on and capture all those wonderful moments. And yes I did party too :D who wouldn't! when you are surrounded by so many amazing people and love on all corners! Well I could go on for days but we are here to showcase their wedding day, so without any further do here are some highlights from the day.