Picture it all - A letter from your thoughtful Photographer!

So here you are, preparing for your wedding. As you start planning one thing continuously comes to mind; finding the perfect photographer for your special day.  You have picked your venue your caterer, and now you are focusing on your hunt for a photographer. Or you're not? Today, more than ever, couples are choosing a photographer, before anything else; before deciding on even a date!  

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So why is that?  You have found the person you are utterly in love with, the person with whom you want to spend your entire life.  You could as quickly walk down to City Hall, spend a few minutes, and a couple of hundred dollars later, Voilà, you are Married! Instead, you choose to throw yourself a party, and not just any party, a remarkable “Great Gatsby” party!  You go to great lengths to find the perfect venue, perfect band/DJ, food, lighting, the most beautiful dress, an awesome limo, crazy decorations and centerpieces, a ridiculous jaw-dropping, drooling cake.
You go to this extent because you are utterly in love and happy and you want for once in your life to celebrate life and love with the most important people in your life. And why not, you deserve it, there is nothing more amazing than being surrounded by your loved ones with excellent food music in a party atmosphere. As you plan all these details, you can not help but PICTURE it all coming together! You can almost taste the cake, and you feel the lights shifting as people are dancing. You PICTURE your loved one’s reactions and smiles as they enjoy your presence and share the love with you. Notice how I said you PICTURE? Exactly! You now want to find someone who sees the same PICTURE you do, who can capture it for you and create memories that will last a lifetime. In today’s day and age, it would be almost impossible to imagine planning such a celebration if you knew that there would be no recorded evidence of such an event. Imagine if there were no cameras whatsoever and all the memories of your party existed only in your mind.  Would you still throw a kick-ass party? Would you invest all that money for that one night? Or, would you and your partner be better off traveling and experiencing what the world has to offer? You see, we are now returning, full circle, to that very first sentence. 

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You love photography, and you are fortunate to live in an era wherein a half a second you can pull your phone and document what you see.  In a couple more seconds people whom you love, who happen to be across the planet, get to see what you see, witness what you witness; be part of your moment. How amazing is that?

That brings me to the second part, the power of the moment! While many other photographers in the industry complain about how the value of photography has decreased, and how it has become difficult to differentiate ones work from the pack, I cannot help but find myself thinking back on how it would have been, just decades ago, before smartphones and internet.  At times, you were limited to the length of your home phone cord.  If you were lucky and able to save, you could afford a decent camera, which only had the capacity of 36 photos, before having to change the film.  Let’s not forget how expensive developing the pictures were.  If you wanted to share a photograph with your loved one across the planet, no problem!  After expensive shipping, and several weeks later, maybe they would get your mail and be as excited as you were when you first took that picture.  Let’s not even get into pixel quality!  I believe, it has never been a more fabulous time to be a photographer.  The value of photography has not decreased, in fact, it has only skyrocketed.  It has become available to the masses, it is instant, and the best part is that when you click that jaw-dropping image, thousands of people instantly get to enjoy your work.  If there is any challenge that professional photographers face today, it would be the Instancy. 

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With that in mind, it’s now time to consider your perfect photographer for your wedding! While the market is so saturated with so many labels such as Wedding Photojournalism, Fine-Art Wedding Photography,  Fashion Wedding Photography and Traditional Wedding Photography, one cannot help but feel confused and overwhelmed when deciding who the perfect photographer will be. Notice how I say the perfect photographer and not the best? I mean PERFECT:  
1. having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. 
2. absolute; complete (used for emphasis), because it is PERFECT for YOU, YOUR STORY, YOUR PERSONALITY, and CHARACTER. When looking for the perfect wedding photographer try to see past the labels.  First, check out their work and see if you like it, then find out if the photographer's character and personality is the perfect fit and aligns with yours. While many wedding photographers still use labels to identify their work within the industry, there is a new bread of photographer that has emerged in the past few years. They are the photographers who do not pick a label but rather master all and blend them in a FUSION, if you will, to create the perfect story.  See, I cannot call myself a Wedding Photojournalist if I still create kick-ass dreamy portraits. I would be a “Wedding Photojournalism/Editorial couple’s portrait”; It would be confusing to everyone if I had had to use labels to classify my work. If anything I would probably say I am a Thoughtful Photographer. THOUGHTFUL: (showing careful consideration or attention) to your Story, Personality, Ideas, Goals, and Plans. All while blending my knowledge and skills in journalistic, fashion and editorial styles to create the perfect images showcasing your story as it unfolds.

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And this brings me to the final topic, and that is clicking with your wedding photographer. Liking his/her personality, beliefs and the way they see and feel about life, love and all things photography. Your wedding photographer is the person who will spend the most time with you on your wedding day, he or she will have to feel like a best friend for the day. It is when you feel that comfortable with your photographer, that you will then have enabled him or her to capture you in the essence of it all indeed. It is only then that you have received your story captured in a Journalistic, Fine-Art, Fashion and Traditional sense!