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April & Ardian Wedding - Orlando, Florida

I think every photographer would agree when I say that traveling for photography is the best perk of being a photographer. Getting the chance to see new places, meet amazing people just adds to our creativity. Such was the case of April & Ardi's wedding. On top of having the chance to spent the weekend in Orlando, and getting the chance to visit Disney, this was a reunion weekend of Ardi and I. Our friendship goes way back to the very first day in high school, where we meet and our friendship took of! Yes Ardi is also from Prishtina, the capital city of Kosovo where we both are originally from

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Ashley & Stephen Wedding at Germantown Cricket Club

I was introduced to Stephen's parents at the restaurant I use to manage. Shortly after meeting them it was clear how fun it was spending time with them, few minutes in talking about photography they told me about Stephen and Ashley and their wedding.

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Erin & Jay Wedding at Front and Palmer Philadelphia

We only had to walk up two blocks for the first look and pictures of Erin & Jay, and we made those two blocks in 10 minutes, all because every other person on the street would stop to say hi to Jay.

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