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Rron & Blerina Engagement

There is a unique joy when taking a step back and looking at memory lane, recalling special moments like a movie trailer. I had witnessed Rron coming to this life, I grew up living close to him and seeing him from being born and growing up to the man he is today. Recently as I was planning my trip to Europe I got a call from Rron, sharing with me the great news, the once toddler-baby-teenager-boy now a man is getting engaged, Besides inviting me to the dinner planned for the occasion, Rron asked if I would photograph his engagement. Without him finishing the sentence, I said Yes. I simply could not pass on this milestone of my handsome cousin Rron. So we did just that, we invaded our uncles garden and we did an epic photo shoot. A mixture of two styles, that of my colorful photographs and Rron's taste into more faded glamor looking pictures. Here are some of the photos. 

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