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Brittany & Cameron Wedding at American Swedish Historical Museum, Philadelphia PA

It was apparent , that the love they have for each other goes way back when they were kids. From the days when they would take part in prop acting. It wasn’t until college years that they reconnected over a cup of coffee and their love story lifted off! Hence the plane picture taken right outside the wedding venue, perfectly aligned in between the clouds.

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Christina & Craig Wedding at Lucy's in Philadelphia, PA

Opa! How the Greek like to say! After a month of not photographing a wedding I felt like there was an Opa every minute throughout the day photographing the astonishing wedding of Christina & Craig.

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Lindsey and Jordan Wedding at Waterloo Village - Stanhope NJ

December 21st, a rainy day but with spring temperatures. A village stuck in the early 1900 with a barn venue made for a perfect wedding setting, add to it the amazing couple Lindsey & Jordan, with their goofy personalities and awesome dance moves it became a party like no other.

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