The Power of Red Nuances

With spring now here, Alexey wanted to empower the red hair on the model by giving it different nuances. With the beautiful scenery on the streets of Philadelphia we wanted to go for an urban-retro feel on the pictures. As I was scouting places for our shoot, I came across this vintage shop Beaux Arts, and with Toms help we were able to do some cool shots at the store.  

Spring is about rebirth and bloom. Bold new saturated colors. Jessica’s hair was inspired by this saturation with plums, violets, rose and copper tones coming together for a new take on red.

Alexey Kats
Stylist & Owner
Architeqt Hair Salon & Gallery
It was very professional atmosphere all around and I had fun creating art with some amazing and talented people.
— Jess Marie

Model: Jess Marie Cady
Hair & Color: Alexey Kats
Makeup: Viviana Belle