Vedat Ademi in Altin Mici COLLECTION


Just recently I had the pleasure on collaborating with Singer-Songwriter Vedat Ademi on showcasing the exclusive collection designed by Altin Mici Fashion designer in Tirana, Albania. 

We started our project with Philadelphia skylines as our backdrop and moved to capture these incredible mens wear designs in many beautiful scenes that the city has to offer, from the artsy murals, mosaics, coffee shops and the raw natural hills.

About the Altin Mici

The year 2016 marked a success in the designer's career, being selected as a designer who would design and execute the official ceremonial wardrobe of the Albanian Football Team for participation in Euro 2016, France.
Representation of the team at the official exits was highly evaluated by the Prime Minister of the country as well as by international institutions where the team was introduced. This was the first time the national team had such a dignified appearance.
Mici is the designer who is already loved by everyone. From many groomsmen getting married to the most renowned names of Albanian, foreign, political and business have chosen and strongly believe in Mici's talent. Often Mic's works have been avant-garde with the creations of great stylists, especially in details and colors that sleep and wake when they are needed by the Albanian master.
Not in vain, Mici is called the "Albanian Armani". The works designed by Altin Mic's hands have overcome the Albanian borders and now it seems that this is also the main objective of the artist.

About Vedat Ademi

Vedat Ademi is known for his style of pop and rock music singing very smooth and harmonic melodies. He is known for performing live music in Albania and abroad. Born in Mitrovica, Kosovo and living through New York, USA  and Tirana, Albania.

He performs live music with his talented band members Vedat Ademi & The Band. The Band is composed of three talented Albanian instrumentalists Endrit Shani (guitar & composer), Ermal Pepa (piano), & Visi (drums). Vedat & The Band travel with his music to tours singing Live Music his repertoire and known covers personalized in his style, so loved by his fans.

A major achievement was the release of his first Album titled “Koha S’kthehet” on 14 February 2011, with a special event performing live the most known songs and in versions of duets with known artists. Vedat is now working on the second album, even though most of the songs are already launched as singles during the years. 

Vedat Ademi has been awarded with different prizes, major milestone is the Second Runner Up Winner at the Magic Song Contest 2014 (in Albanian known as Kenga Magjike) with a melodious ballad titled "Asgje Njesoj/Nothing is same" written by Endrit Shani (composer) and Alban Skenderaj (lyrics). 

An unknown talent for Vedat, is dancing. His participation at the "Dancing with the Stars Albania 2012", made him explore dancing and moves for which he is thankful to have found the spirit of dance, by reaching the finals in the second position.