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Altering milestones into imagery


He didn’t need to sell himself too hard because his photos speak for themselves. His work is incredible. Nik’s work exceeded my highest expectations for my wedding photography, and thanks to him, I have the happiest day of my life documented
— Karen D
After an extensive search in the Philadelphia area and the untold number of wedding photographer websites, I found Nik. Our first meeting I was impressed with the photos Nik brought as well as the instant rapport the three of us shared. After that first meeting, I knew that Nik would be a good choice to capture our wedding and deliver the images I was imagining
— Ryan B
He is one of the most extremely talented and he loves what he does (which is most important). You will not be disappointed with his flawless creativity and dedication.
— Rich S
As an example of his dedication, Nik even went out of his way to ensure great shots were taken, including running across the street and climbing multiple flights of stairs in order to get a shot of us through a window from an adjacent roof
— Abraham T
My bridesmaid chose to use him in her wedding after seeing our photos and I would absolutely recommend Nik to anyone for a wedding or other event!
— Anna T