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Jessica & Eric Wedding - Fairmount Water Works, Philadelphia

A morning start with a Korean tea ceremony followed by a reveal on the nearby park of the bride in her wedding dress.  From there we drove to Fairmount Water Works in Philadelphia for the second part of the day with two more ceremonies and an amazing reception. 

Kaltrina & Agon Wedding - Prishtina, KOSOVO

There is nothing better than having to travel back to my home country because you have been asked to capture the love and milestone of an amazing couple. Although I had made plans to spend the whole year stateside, I could not resist when I got the invite to photograph Kaltrina's wedding.  Initially, Kaltrina had set her wedding date for May 20th,  but after finding out that I had already been booked for that date, it didn't take long for her to work her magic and change the date to May 13th.

Julie & Ben Wedding - Manayunk Brewery

We started our day at the one hundred steps in Manayunk neighborhood with sun glazing through the leafs. As people were enjoying their daily run on the forbidden drive we had a chance to capture some intimate moments between Julie and Ben.

Mary Jo & Mike Wedding - Mütter Museum Philadelphia

An intimate family lunchen, narrow streets, a first look, a ceremony, and cocktail reception of more than 300 unique family and friends made this, as laid back also a unique party.

A day with you; Leonardo Rubirosa

Leo, a nicknamed Rubirosa fella, a pinnacle of success, ambition, and hard work. Walking the roads of Portobello Road in London, one could only enjoy the scenery as stylish Leo showed me around. Here are few photographs from our day together.  

A day with you; Zake Prelvukaj

A female persona exposed as the devil and on the other hand a crucified social angel, Zake masterfully depicts the woman through her work, a human being with capability to inflict pain but also provide and or receive pleasure. While exploring her fascination with female sex, Zake Prelvukaj, a highly accomplished artist based in Kosovo often described as a “veteran” and pioneer on feminist art in the Balkans comes through her paintings as a rebellious character, her colors and patterns are often a loud-clear voice of the fight against the corruption and human injustice. 

A day with you; Eliza Hoxha

A 2000's spark of Dancing with the Rhythm, Eliza Hoxha a household name in Kosovo not just as the singer who's Album sold out on their launching day, but an architect and professor, an activist of women's right. A person so down to earth that every woman would like to mirror. On this trip to Europe, I started my project "A day with You" with Eliza Hoxha. Her being an Artist of all trades, an architect by profession I decided to do our photo-shoot in the City's public pool located in Germia National Park. Being that it was fall, the drained pool with few water puddles and the icy blue color made it look like a place in Antarctica.

iPhone's Summer Tale

I always had the latest iPhone on me, but I never felt like challenging my self to use it as a camera. As I was planning my trip to the exotic roaring mountains and crystal waters of Albania I was looking into finding a case for my Canon DSLR camera, Although limited and very expensive there were few options that I was looking into, I soon realized that the expense of such a case it would be almost greater than the camera itself, so I decided to go the other rout, that of the iPhone. 

Rron & Blerina Engagement

There is a unique joy when taking a step back and looking at memory lane, recalling special moments like a movie trailer. I had witnessed Rron coming to this life, I grew up living close to him and seeing him from being born and growing up to the man he is today. Recently as I was planning my trip to Europe I got a call from Rron, sharing with me the great news, the once toddler-baby-teenager-boy now a man is getting engaged, Besides inviting me to the dinner planned for the occasion, Rron asked if I would photograph his engagement. Without him finishing the sentence, I said Yes. I simply could not pass on this milestone of my handsome cousin Rron. So we did just that, we invaded our uncles garden and we did an epic photo shoot. A mixture of two styles, that of my colorful photographs and Rron's taste into more faded glamor looking pictures. Here are some of the photos. 

Bardha & Gent Wedding - Prishtina

While in vacation in Kosovo & Albania, I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of Bardha & Gent. A beautiful couple full of joy and happiness made this wedding an outstanding full of fun and emotions. Here are some highlights from the day of.

Julie & Ryan Wedding Crystal Tea Room Philadelphia

A summer's day wedding in Philadelphia, where we started our day with Julie and Ryan at the prestigious Loews Hotel as they were getting ready for their milestone. The ceremony took place at St John the Evangelist Church on 13th Street, a parish church built on 1830. We were blessed to have our portrait session around the corner at City Hall, just minutes before the weather took a big turn with heavy rains. We concluded the night with the reception at Crystal Tea Room featuring carved columns and opulent crystal chandeliers making this ballroom timeless. Here are few highlights from the wedding of Julie & Ryan. 

Airlie Gardens Wilmington, NC - Meagan & Tony Wedding

A beautiful drive to Wilmington North Carolina to find a little-hidden paradise garden called Airlie. With a very last minute, great weather this wedding turned out to be mesmerizing. Check out few photos below. 

Jocelyn & Matt - Duportail House/Valley Forge Wedding

Another amazing day at Duportail and Valley Forge, the beautiful couple Jocelyn & Matt and their amazing horse Jamba! Take a look at some highlights from their wedding day

Brianna & Ryan Duportail House Wedding

Besides being a beautiful wedding, a gorgeous dress and a beautiful bride one thing that truly shined is smiles and laughter that resonated the bride & groom. Here are some moments from their wedding da

Jess & Raaj - Front and Palmer Philadelphia Wedding

Meet Jess & Raaj, this wonderful couple who got married in Philadelphia with their amazing fusion Indian-American two day wedding. It was such a pleasure to document their wedding day. Our first night was the Indian traditional dance party at Loews Hotel, then followed by Sunday wedding day starting with the first look at City Hall and ceremony and reception at Front and Palmer. Laughters & cries, an emotional mesmerizing day. Take a look.

The Power of Red Nuances

With spring now here, Alexey wanted to empower the red hair on the model by giving it different nuances. With the beautiful scenery on the streets of Philadelphia we wanted to go for an urban-retro feel on the pictures. As I was scouting places for our shoot, I came across this vintage shop Beaux Arts, and with Toms help we were able to do some cool shots at the store.  

Appleford Fall Wedding - Lauren & Chris

Just the perfect time of the year for this wedding. With leafs now falling, and amazing temperatures in addition to a fun and emotional couple the wedding came to be mesmerizing. Here are few highlights from the day.